My Favorite Cinderella Books... Ever

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I was poking through my bookshelf the other day and was surprised to find that I have an actual *collection* of Cinderella books… I had no idea!

The story of Cinderella isn’t something that I consciously seek out (like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which I actually do) — but I’ve always loved the moment when Cinderella is transformed by her Fairy Godmother so that she can go to the ball, and the real delight in this story for me are the Evil Step Sisters, they are truly the best.

So without further ado… my collection of Cinderella books, and a sneak peak at my wishlist for books that I’d like to add to it….


1. Cinderella

// Illustrated by Juanita Bennett, Whitman Publishing Company, NY, 1935 //

This is a gorgeous, oversized (huge, actually) vintage book with a paper cover that I found years ago. The illustrations look like they were pulled straight out of a fashion magazine, full of dreamy opulence. Check out the glamorous Step Sisters, below! I found a good copy of this book here.



2. Cinderella, A Pop-Up Classic

// Retold by Albert G Miller, Designed by Paul Taylor, Illustrated by Jon Dahlstrom, Random House Publishing, date unknown, but my guess is 1968-1972 //

Oh my gosh, this book is so RAD. It was one of my favorites as a child, and Cinderella’s step sisters are truly pompous in this version (see cover, bottom left and right) — which seals the deal for me. Most of the pop-up bits are wonky and cello-taped in my version, but I was able to find a nice one here if you’re interested. Check out Cinderella’s groovy transformation, below.


3. Cinderella, An Art Deco Love Story

// Retold by Lynn Roberts, Illustrated by David Roberts, Harry N. Abrahms, NY, 2001 //

This is a VERY funny book, with gorgeous and super silly illustrations done in pen & ink and watercolor. Best of all, the Step Sisters are AMAZING (one is mean and the other is “dim”) and the Evil Step Mother has a wicked tiny dog. I found lots of the original versions here. The publisher has reissued the book with a different cover, but I suspect the interior is just as wonderful!



4. Walt Disney’s Cinderella

// Retold by Cynthia Rylant, Pictures by Mary Blair, Disney Books, 2007 //

“This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy,

about something lost and something found. This is a story about love.” 

OH MY GOSH. This is such a gorgeous book. The illustrations are breathtaking: Mary Blair did the concept art for Disney’s Cinderella movie, and the most evocative illustrations are included here; Cynthia Rylant’s writing is pure poetry and I can’t read this without getting choked up. And of course the Step Sisters are fabulous.



5. Walt Disney’s Cinderella, A Golden Book

// Walt Disney’s Cinderella, A Golden Book , 1979 //

Sometimes in the morning when I’m out in my back yard and the birds are singing and swooping around me, I feel like this version of Cinderella. This is the classic Disney version, with illustrations inspired by the movie. Plenty of these on eBay, and the size perfect for little hands.



6. Walt Disney’s Cinderella, The Story and The Songs

// Cinderella LP, Walt Disney Productions, 1969 //

Though it doesn’t exactly count as a book, the story in this vintage LP is the BEST. There are 10 or so pages, with illustrations inspired from the Disney movie — and of course — the step sisters are wonderfully awful.

FullSizeRender-4 copy.jpg

7. Cinderella

// Translated and Illustrated by Marcia Brown, 1970 //

Look at this gorgeous cover. This particular Cinderella book won a Caldecott award — and this particular copy on eBay was actually signed by Marcia Brown, how cool is that? I would love to include this in my collection!


8. Cinderella

// The Amazing McLaughlin Brothers, 1891 //

Isn’t this cool? It looks like it opens up and you can stand it up. The folks who listed this book don’t show the interior, but I’ll bet it’s magic.


9. Cinderella, A Paper Doll Book

// Retold by Percy G. Griggs, Illustrated by William Littlewood, A Junior Play-Tale Book, Date unknown, approximately 1940 //

Vintage paper dolls are the BEST. I would kill for this book!


10. Cinderella, A Panorama Book

// POP-UP, PANORAMA, CAROUSEL BOOK, Collins Publishing, Approximately 1940 //

THIS book looks amazing. It has five double-page color pop-up panoramas, which you can see, here.

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